Hello Harmony, hello long lasting exceptional hold and control! From dusk until dawn hairspray can help you achieve a voluminous look at your roots, protect hair from frizz and add shine to dull strands.

There is more to hairspray than just holding your hair in place. If your hair tends to fall flat at the roots, a little hairspray can lift and hold, achieving envious volume.

Hairspray is extremely effective at taming frizz, creating a secure hold that lets you experiment with a variety of hairstyles. Whilst hairspray won’t actually encourage hair growth, it does let you create fuller styles that give your hair the appearance of more volume, particularly advantageous for users with thinner hair. Plus, all our Harmony products give your hair improved shine and feel with its unique sunscreen and conditioner formulation!

It’s all well and good knowing why you should use Harmony, but it’s pretty pointless if you don’t know how to use it properly…

Step 1: Apply to Clear Hair.
For best results, make sure your hair is clean of product build-up, grease or impurities. Give your hair a proper clean with a shampoo that’s gentle on your scalp. Apply a coin-sized amount to damp hair and work into a lather then work through the lengths of your hair, to remove any tangles leaving hair clean and ready to style.

Step 2: Dry Hair.
Although you can apply hairspray to damp hair you may not always get the results you are after. Hairspray is best used when your finished style is ready to be locked down. When your hair is wet or even slightly damp, the overall effect is still going to change but with dry hair, you know exactly what you’re going to get!

Step 3: Hairspray.
Depending on the look you’re after there are a variety of different hairsprays to suit. Our Harmony range includes Natural Hold, Firm Hold and Extra Firm Hold:

Harmony Firm Hold is also the ideal product for giving your hair a better hold before shaping, helping you nail that bow-style up-do or flower-shaped braid without leaving a sticky residue.

Harmony Extra Firm Hold gives more control than Firm Hold and is ideal for holding glamorous hairstyles like curls and waves in place. Pick this product for fabulous, long-lasting hairstyles without added weight to your hair.

Harmony Natural Hold ensures those flyaways won’t suddenly pop up in the middle of the day. Since the hold is not too strong, it allows you to easily restyle your hair throughout the day and give you that effortlessly natural ‘undone’ look.

Harmony makes sure your hair doesn’t shift in the breeze; but it’ll brush out like one.

Step 4: The Correct Amount.
Now you’ve found the Harmony that is right for you, hold the product 15cm away from your hair to get an even coverage and just enough hold. If you hold the nozzle too close to strands and spray, the product won’t apply evenly and will build up too much in one place.

Top Tip! If it’s voluminous roots you’re after, flip your hair upside down and apply hairspray evenly at the roots. Brush downwards towards the floor with your fingers, wait a few seconds and flip your hair the right way up. If you have a bob cut or shorter hairstyle, lift sections of your hair and apply the spray at an angle, evenly from the root towards the ends of your hair. Then ruffle using your fingers for a naturally messy style that holds.

Hairspray is really down to you and your hair needs. Whether your roots need a lift, your hair needs shine or you need a little break from frizz and flyaways keep it together with a few spirits of Harmony and you’re prepped for any harmonious adventure.